Samsung Odin - Flash Android Oreo

It is about a new chapter that we could enter with XDA developers once more. Those fellows with Samsung Smartphone can now flash their beloved devices using Samsung Odin. If you feel that there is nothing exited, be sure that you know how to flash Oreo using the same utility. Is it cool? Of course we know that you are excited to know further. So here is our guide with clear directions.

Flash Android Oreo with Samsung Odin

Not every flashing tool capable to update their performance periodically. But thanks to Odin team we often get its updates for a better support. So with its recent release, the version 3.13.1, we received a couple of important updates. Flash Android Oreo is one of those that excited all Samsung users with their flash approaches. Anyhow, you can start flash your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 variants with this. Moreover, you are welcome to flash even using Mac OS X as well. So here is our complete guide. Prepare tings and go ahead. Be careful of your movements.

How to flash with Samsung Odin?

First of all, do the preparations. It will support you to commence a successful procedure. Moreover, check each step before click the Start key at the end. Create a backup is important for the entire procedure can remove data and everything when renew the operating system.

  • Check the device model number and download an applicable ROM package
  • Install ADB drivers to a Windows PC that can properly work
  • Download Odin 3.13.1 as the latest version
  • Extract both files you downloaded above. The ROM should be available in tar format
  • Put the device into download mode then and connect to the computer using a proper USB cable
  • Check the Log section of the interface as it should display “ADDED!” once detect the connected handset
  • And then you can go to respective buttons on your right side and click them to settle each file. Tap the certain AP key and bring the tar file there through the window that will open
  • If you are ready to start the procedure, click the Start key at the bottom
  • Be patience for few minutes around 10 as sometimes it takes long. At the end when you will get a PASS message, you can unplug the Smartphone from the cable and check its conditions

Troubleshooting tips

These are just few things that often happen. But there might be some other trouble because of technical issues. Therefore, make certain you know the exact procedure before go through. 

Make certain the connection of the device and the computer first. For that you have to check ports, cable and latest drivers’ package as well. Moreover, make sure that the firmware package you arranged is compatible with you in accordance with your device model number. And the Odin tool must be 3.13.1. As it is the latest version, those who are with Galaxy S8 models must flash using. If the procedure seems not proper, run Odin as administrator.
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