YouTube Vanced apk - Spend your leisure on YouTube.

We are with another great Android application comes for both root and non-root devices. There is no doubt that you will delight with because of its special support when you are surf YouTube. Since YouTube is the famed video surfing website that we often navigate, it would be great to here that there is an alternative that supports you to walk the tracks devoid of any complicated occur. We call it YouTube Vanced Apk that introduced by team Vanced which is an advanced development of the previous iYTBP introduced by Master_T. Anyhow, the utility now capable to set up on both root and non-root Smartphone and Tablet with several wonderful features. 

YouTube Vanced Apk for Android

The injected YouTube Background Playback project was the first ever application that offered for such a dealing reason. Master_T was a senior contributor of XDA developers who created the application in aim at users those who fed up being with YouTube surround advertisements and a few other issues. So the concept has been taken from the Xposed Module which available for YouTube Video Playback. So the initial developer Master_T had to grab all features from the module and apply them to the new creation. This was a unique project for Xposed was not a complete supporter for Android Nougat. 

However, one of the best things is this would be great for Magisk root users as well. As it is another trending root supporting offer, there might be users those who excite for. If you are a Magisk user, then it is for you.

Highlights of the utility

Although the utility has two separated approaches as root and non-root, features that come with the utility are same for the most. Of course there are a couple of features that required root permission to support you. But still you have a heap other impressive functionalities. As one of important points, there should be MicroG for the implement since Google Play Services will not support you in some cases. Here are some features you will encounter. 

  • Background Playback
  • Block advertisements
  • Override Maximal Resolution
  • Simply touch to zoom both root and non-root devices
  • Force HDR or VP9 or else vice versa
  • Toggle themes
  • Cast toggle
  • Picture in Picture mode/PiP
  • Speed and Resolutions those users prefer
  • Auto Repeat

Important facts for YouTube Vanced apk


When you are up to set up the utility on your device, you have to download the most recent version for the best extract. And do not worry though you are a non-root user for there might be critical uses. It is totally clear and risk free. The tool will not require access your personal data or any further panels. But still you are capable to block advertisements, background play back and so on related to. Just set up to as another third-party application. Throughout, you can enjoy surf YouTube without any difficulty.

Developer credits

All credits of further development and free offer of YouTube Vanced Apk goes to team Vanced members @Razerman, @KevinX8, @Laura almeida and @ZaneZam.
YouTube Vanced apk - Spend your leisure on YouTube. YouTube Vanced apk - Spend your leisure on YouTube. Reviewed by Christina Clark on November 07, 2018 Rating: 5

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