Root your Android with MTK droid tools?

If you are a MediaTek Smartphone user, this would be a great narration to capture a utility and that can support you in several significant occasions. We call it MTK droid tools that exclusively suggested for those fellows with MTK chipset based devices and looking for such a compassionate method to easily deal with. So here is everything briefly.

Options you can move through MTK droid tools

  • Android rooting
Root an Android can gives you a heap of opportunities to enhance your Smartphone. Therefore, MTK droid tools offer MediaTek users an option to easily become rooted just using a single click.

  • Create backups of stock ROM
When users need to create backups of stock firmware they should find out a specific supporter. But when you are a MTK handset user there you can easily create backups.

  • Backup and restore recovery
When a user needs to arrange a backup and even restore the recovery, all they should do is let it carry out by this brave supporter.

  • Recover IMEI
IMEI number is kind of the identity of your Smartphone. In some occasions, it will automatically remove from the device and lost the identification. But when you request MTK droid tools, it will recover the IMEI and set to the handset.

  • Create a scatter file
Create block files is the next. Scatter files are the package that you must come up with when you need to flash your handset using this tool, it is important create and suggest block files there. So you can easily create them with this.

How to root your Smartphone with MTK droid tools?

  • Before start the operation, you have to do preparations such as charge the handset battery and create a backup
  • To commence the procedure, search and download the latest version of MTK droid tools
  • And then facilitate USB debugging mode from Settings and then its developer option
  • Check if “Drivers successfully installed” message display on the screen
  • After that, simply run the application as administrator
  • The tool will detect the handset right away and let you know each detail on the UI
  • If you missed to arrange a backup, just tap on the create backup option and move to the next
  • And then tap on the “To prepare blocks for flash tool” functionality
  • And finally use the specific root button
The procedure will end with a rooted handset that capable to apply any kind of root-only tweak, theme or a game easily.

Important facts to remember

Make sure that you are with the latest version 2.5.3 of the utility. It is important to perfectly flash or do whatever you desire through. Since there is a malware with the utility, you better realize why it is there and if it will harm your handset. In fact, it is kind of a key for rooting. And will not touch any other part for any reason. Moreover, keep in your mind that IMEI flash and rooting might void the Smartphone warranty if something goes wrong. The tool development and propose credit goes to MediaTek Inc.
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