How To Use Odin - Flashing And Rooting Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Odin

Odin is recognized as the official flashing utility for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. There is no official evidence to prove it as the official tool except the instruction guide that was found in  Samsung Knox under the Samsung Enterprise Alliance  Programme. However, according to the users' feedback found on various sites and forums, it can be considered as the best tool to flash Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Not only firmware but also root packages can be flashed using the Odin flashing utility. Here you can have a complete guide on using Smasung Odin.

Samsung Odin Features

  1. Flashes Stock Firmware and Custom Firmware
  2. Flashes Stock Recovery and Custom Recovery
  3. Flashes Root Packages
  4. Flashes Kernels

Note: All the file must be in .tar or .tar.md5 extensions to be able to flash via Odin

General System Requirements

  1. A Windows computer
  2. Firmware File/Recovery or Kernel file in .tar or 5 
  3. Latest Samsung USB drivers
  4. Compatible USB cable
  5. Full back up of your device
  6. Enough battery power on your device

How To Flash Stock ROM on Any Samsung Galaxy Smartphone 

If your Samsung Galaxy smartphone is bricked or stuck, the best solution to get it back to normal is flashing the Stock ROM. You can flash either same firmware or lower/higher firmware file on your device using Odin.

1 Step - Download and install the latest Samsung USB drivers on your Windows computer and reboot your computer
2 Step -Download the Odin flashable stock firmware file for your Samsung Galaxy device and extract the stock firmware file. You may find one or four firmware file inside firmware file
3 Step - Download the latest version of Odin on your Windows computer and extract the file to run the executable Odin file. Right - Click on the .exe file and run the programme as Administrator
4 Step - Enable the USB debugging mode on your device
5 Step - Boot your device into Odin Mode/Download mode using the specific button combination after switching off it. Most probably you can boot your device into download mode by pressing and holding Volume Down + Home + Power keys. But the button combination depends on your device model. Follow the screen instruction to enter download mode after pressing the buttons
6 Step - Connect your device to the computer 
7 Step - Launch the Odin programme and wait until it detects your device. ID: COM area on the left - top of the screen will be highlighted when it detects your device
8 Step- Now, your device is ready to receive the new firmware files from the computer via Odin programme. Click on the AP- Android Partition, BL-Boot loader, CP - Modem, CSC - Customer Specification Code buttons and select the relevant firmware file from the extracted firmware file. If you find one firmware file, click on the "AP" button and select it. You will not face confusions when selecting the firmware files since each file begins with the respective button name 

Ex - Name of bootloader file begins as BL_XXXXXXXXXXXXX_XXXXXXXXXX_XXXXXXXXXX_XXXXX.tar.md5

download odin

9 Step - You may face a doubtful situation when loading the file for CSC button if your extracted firmware contains CSC file and HOME_CSC file. If you need a fresh firmware installation, locate the CSC file. If you want to keep your device data, load the HOME_CSC file.  HOME_CSC file exactly matches to the firmware that is being used in your country.
10 Step - After loading all the files, go to the "Options" tab and check if Odin has checked the "Auto Reboot" and "F.Reset time".If not do it your self
11 Step - Now, click the "Start" button to flash your device
12 Step - Wait until the Odin show you the "Pass" message. Do not panic to disconnect your device before getting the final result

Important Notes

  1. If you are trying to flash a recovery file or a single firmware file just click on the "AP" button and load the file
  2. Disable "Auto Reboot" option under "Options" tab before flashing a recovery file
  3. Do not use Odin Programme to flash any other device except Samsung Galaxy smartphones
  4. Flashing a custom firmware requires some advanced knowledge and do not proceed if you do not know what you are doing
  5. There are several versions of Odin programmes and make sure to download the accurate version based on your devices' Android version
  6. Do not flash PIT files unless your device’s partition table layout has not corrupted

Odin root

How To Root Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

As mentioned above, you can only flash files in .tar or 5  using Odin. CF-Auto-Root is one and only root package that comes in respective extensions. Download the CF-Auto-Root root package according to your device model and extract the package. You may find  CF-Auto-Root application and the compatible extension of Odin programme inside the extracted zip package. 

1 Step - Enable USB debugging mode on your device and boot it into Download/Odin mode
2 Step - Right-click on the Odin.exe file and run it as "Administrator"
3 Step - Connect your device to the computer and wait until the Odin detects your device
4 Step - Click on “PDA/AP” button and select root application using the Window that is displayed by Odin
5 Step - Click on the "Start" button to root your device. You will see a message as "Pass" when the device has root access

Final Word

Samsung Odin is easy to use flashing utility that can flash almost all of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones. But make sure to download the accurate firmware file for your device which is responsible for the success of the flashing process.
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