How To Root Android - Root With CF-Auto-Root

CF-Auto-Root is one of bit older rooting tool which is still functions for over 300 devices. The speciality of CF-Auto-Root is its compatibility type. The developer of Chainfire has offered CF-Auto-Root as CF-Auto-Root for Odin flashable devices and  CF-Auto-Root for Fastboot flashable devices. Perhaps you may what are the Odin flashable devices. An Odin flashable device refers to Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Because Samsung Galaxy smartphones can be flashed using Odin programme which has been specially designed for Samsung Galaxy devices. The key function of CF-Auto-Root is to install Su binary and enable it to gain root access on the device

CF-Auto-Root & Su Binary

CF-Auto-Root was created by Chainfire who is a world famous senior XDA member. He launched the tool as freeware and currently, the tool has bee deprecated but still, it holds the reputation for rooting quite latest smartphones. Specially CF-Auto-Root Odin flashable version is more popular since it is the one and only root package which can be flashed using the Odin programme on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. As mentioned above, CF-Auto-Root installs Su binary on Android devices when gaining the root access. Su binary is very important when rooting an Android device. When you try to root your device using a rooting tool, SU binaries files are installed and these files allow you to become a superuser. The functionality of Su binaries is checking the database and notify the users to if a specific app has root permission or not. Su binary has different faces since each developer uses various interface. In this case, CF-Auto-Root is the face of the Su binary. The face manages the root access to Su binary and modifies the system.

Odin Flashable CF-Auto-Root  Features 

  1. Only can be flashed using Samsung Odin
  2. Flashing CF-Auto-Root  may result in wiping data on encrypted device storage
  3. You need to download the correct root package according to your device models
  4. Contains .tar.md5 files
  5. SuperSU will be installed flashing a modified recovery and cache partition and  both of them will be removed and re-flashes the stock recovery
  6. Boot loader needs to be unlocked
  7. The device needs to be booted in recovery mode to work CF-Auto-Root properly. Generally, it is booted automatically, If not the device needs to be booted in recovery mode manually
  8. Root package contains the compatible Odin programme and no need for downloading it 
  9. CF-Auto-Root void the Samsung Knox warranty

Fastboot Flashable CF-Auto-Root  Features 

  1. Contains  .img files bootable through Fastboot
  2. The device needs to be in Fastboot Mode
  3. Loads a special boot image to install SuperSU
  4. The script includes to perform OEM unlocking and wipe user data if it has not been unlocked before
  5. OEM unlocking comes with the tool may not able to unlock every smartphone. In such case use an OEM-specific tool to unlock the bootloader. Check the boot loader unlocking before proceed

How To Root Your Android Using CF-Auto-Root (Odin Flashable Devices)

You can root Samsung Galaxy Smartphones using this method. You need a Windows computer and a USB cable before starting the process.

1 Step - Back Up Your Device

Rooting an Android device may cause bricking and data wipe. Anyone cannot guarantee that the opposite things may not happen when proceed. Because we are dealing with an Android system and going to change the system to some extent neglecting the manufacturers' restrictions. Therefore you are advised to make a full back up of your device before rooting your device. Also, it is better if you could avoid the task actually you do not what you are doing until getting to know fully.

2 Step - Driver Installation

Download the USB drivers for your device on your Windows computer and install them. Drivers are very essential in order to connect your smartphone to the computer.

3 Step - Download And Install CF-Auto-Root 

You cannot download CF-Auto-Root as other rooting tools since you have to choose the correct file according to the device model, Android version and the build number of your smartphone. Go to Settings > About device and find out the exact details and visit the official page of CF-Auto-Root. There you may find the chart that contains root packages. Download and extract the correct CF-Auto-Root package

4 Step - Enable Download Mode

Enable USB debugging mode on your computer and boot it in to "Download Mode". You can boot your device into download mode by pressing and holding press Volume down + Home+ Power button together after switching off it. After enabling the "Download Mode" connect to the computer

5 Step - Launch Odin 

Now, navigate to the extracted root package and right-click on the Odin.exe. Select the "Run As Administrator"  and run the Odin programme

6 Step - Root Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

After launching the Odin programme, it will recognize your device automatically. You can check it from the ID: COM area which is located on the right top of the Home screen. It will become the light blue colour when recognized your device. Then, click on the "AP" button which is available on Odin and load the CF-Auto-Root application using the Window that Odin opens. Wait until "Log Box" shows you the "Leave CS message. Finally, click on the "Start" button to start the rooting process. Your device will reboot after successful rooting. Visit this website to learn about Odin in advance.

Wind Up 

CF-Auto-Root is the one and only root package for Samsung Galaxy devices. It helps users to gain root access instantly. But unfortunately, you can only download CF-Auto-Root packages for limited smartphone models. As for now, there is no evidence of uploading new root packages from the developer.
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