How To Root Android Smartphones Using Baidu Root APK

As it seems there is no space on the Android side on the internet for any other programme since the whole internet space for Android has been invaded by rooting tools. Because rooting has become more and more popular and demanded by now. If you are an Android user, rooting cannot be unfamiliar for you. As rooting allows users to have the maximum usage of their devices rooting has become the most popular Android technical word. The word next to Android rooting is One-click rooting tools. Because both Advanced Android users and Android newbies are aware of one-click rooting tools due to its simplicity.

One-click  Rooting vs Manual Rooting

In simple words, rooting is the process which is used to acess the system partitions which have been denied by the device manufacturers and network carriers. Perhaps you may know that Android is based on Linux kernel and it provides higher security for the Android system. So no one can acess the protected partitions unless they have permissions. If anyone needs to get permission he has to become a superuser accessing the privileged account (Root). There are two methods to acess the privileged account as direct acess to root account and execute the SU command without logging in to root account. 

As regular Android users, most of the users are following the second method. Executing the su command can be done using One-click Rooting tools and Manual Rooting. When you using a one-click rooting tool, it uses relevant exploits and executes the SU command on your device without having manual commands from a PC. So users are fully free and they do not have anything to do other than clicking the "Root"  button. When manual rooting is implemented users need to send relevant commands to the Android system using ADB and Fastboot tools and flash root package in a custom recovery. Most users prefer one-click rooting tools since it is easier than using manual rooting. But some times it is essential using manual rooting when one-click root tools are not working.

Rooting Features

Allow users to download apps and games from various sources other than Google Play Store
Allow users to install custom recovery and use more features than in stock recovery
Users are able to install modified versions of Android after rooting the device
Allow users to change some system settings
Allow users to flash custom kernels and use CPU manager app to enhance the device performance and battery life
Users are able to uninstall system apps using a system app remover app

What Is Baidu Root APK 

Baidu Root APK is one of the popular Chinese root apps which is available in English and Russian. The app is developed and distributed by Baidu, Inc. which is located in Beijing's Haidian District. The company is well recognized as a technology company which is specializing in Internet-related services/products and artificial intelligence.


Baidu Root comes in both PC and APK versions
Support Android Android 2.2-4.4
Compatible with mainstream smartphone models
Supports more than 6000 models

Baidu Root Features

Comes as freeware and risk-free
Boosts the device and enhance the device performances
Clean the device and manage the device memory
Monitors malicious behaviours

How To Root Your Android Device With Baidu Root APK

1 Step - Download the Baidu root APK on your device
2 Step - Enable unknown sources from device settings
2 Step - Install the Baidu APK on  your device
3 Step -  Launch Baidu root application on your device
4 Step - Tap on the "Root" button
5 Step - Wait until the process reaches 100%
6 Step - Reboot your device

Now you have rooted your device with Baidu Root APK

Frequently Asked Questions

I got the message "phone received temporary Root Permissions" at the end of the rooting process

You may get this message when your device is not fully compatible with Baidu Root APK.So, you cannot have permanent root acess 

My device  stuck in the 40% Root progress bar

When your device manufacturer has blocked root acess completely Baidu responds like this

My device hasn't Root acess but Baidu Says I have root acess on my device

This is known bug and it is being fixed

What happens when the rooting process failed? Will it harm my device

Baidu has been tested properly and stability has been proven. Developers has confirmed that process failure does not harm your device.

Wrapping Up

It is all about  Baidu Root APK. However much the rooting is useful, you need to be aware that rooting may be one of the major reasons for Android bricking and it is the top reason to avoid your device warranty. Always back up your device before starting the rooting process to recover your important data in case the process goes wrong. If you are interested in rooting your Samsung Galaxy smartphone check out nerdy vibes.
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  1. For one tapping rooting, I use the KingRoot apk on my device. This app can root any type of Android device with 100% success rate.


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