How To Root Android Avoiding Odin Errors

how to root android

If you are a Samsung Galaxy smartphone user, Samsung Odin cannot be unfamiliar to you. Because Samsung Odin has that much higher popularity as a flashing utility and a rooting solution. Samsung Odin is the official flashing utility for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Samsung uses Odin internally but Odin cannot be downloaded from their official website. Because Samsung has not launched the programme publicly. So, you might be thinking of how we can download Odin. It is said that publicly available Odin binaries have arrived at the community with the ROMs leaked from the Samsung. However, Odin has helped a lot of  Galaxy users to fix their devices by now for free

Root Android With Samsung Odin

The key purpose of Odin is to unbrick the bricked Samsung smartphones by flashing stock ROMs on them. Beside the key flashing purpose, users are able to flash custom ROMs, Stock/custom recoveries, kernels and root packages if the relavant file is in .tar or .tar.md5 extensions. Although Odin can offer several features, it has a higher reputation in flashing stock ROMs on Galaxy devices and rooting Galaxy devices. When it comes to Android rooting, it seems that there is no stable and easy way to root Android devices. Most of the one-click rooting tools are only compatible with older versions of Android. It is hard to find out a successful rooting tool for higher versions of Android. Samsung Odin works better in this matter even it is not a one-click rooting tool.

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Odin Rooting Process

Basically, Odin is only a flashing utility that has been designed to flash compatible files on compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphones. If you want to use Odin to flash root files and gain the root acess, you have to follow a bit advanced technical procedure. So, Odin Android rooting guide differs from the regular one-click rooting guide and you have to have the knowledge to use Odin programme first if you are not familiar with the Odin by now. After getting to know to flash a file with Odin, you can easily flash a root package and gain root acess on your Galaxy device.

Odin and CF-Auto-Root

Samsung has designed Odin only to flash .tar and .tarmd5 files. As .tar.md5 extensions verify the data integrity of the file, it is a safe way to prevent flashing corrupted files on your device. As a result of this, you cannot use Odin to flash any file extension other than it is capable of. When it comes to Odin flashable root packages, there is only one root package that is compatible with Odin. That is CF-Auto-Root which is developed by Chainfire. You can download the relavant root package for your device form his official website and flash it on your device using the Odin programme.

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How To Root Samsung Galaxy With Odin 

Note: This is a brief Android Rooting guide and refers CF-Auto-Root official site for any issue

  • Full charge your Galaxy device to avoid possible interruptions due to power shortage
  • Get a complete back up of your device to recover data in case of device bricking
  • Arrange a Windows computer and install USB drivers
  • Download CF-Auto-Root package for your device and extract it on your Windows computer
  • After extracting install Odin programme on your computer granting system privilages
  • Enable USB debugging mode on Android 
  • Power off your device and boot it in to Download mode using relavant buttons
  • Connect it to the computer and launch Odin 
  • Check "Log Box" for"Added" message to verify the connection between the device and the computer
  • Click "AP" button on Odin and load the CF-Auto-Root file in .tar.md5 extension (It contains in extracted root package)
  • Next, Odin will start to read data you have loaded and click "Start" button when you see the "Leave CS" in Log Box
  • Meanwhile, you will see red Android bot on your Android device 
  • Finally, Odin will show "Pass" message when rooting is done

Note: Generally, your device reboots and boot in recovery mode when flashing done.If not boot it in to recovery mode yourself to root binary to work

Common Odin Errors

Most probably Odin root your Samsung Galaxy smartphones roots you devices successfully if you have downloaded correct root package and flashed it properly. But sometimes you may face some issues when using the Odin application if you have done everything as mentioned. Here are some of common Odin issues and solutions you can perform your self before getting advice from an expert
  • Odin failed to detect my device

This issue freezes the whole Odin rooting process. Because Odin is a PC based programme and it cannot communicate with your device if the PC fails to identify your device. Here are some solutions you can try if you are facing this situation
  • Check if you have installed USB drivers properly
  • Check if your USB cable works fine and the connection is stable
  • Tyr another USB port

  • Odin shows "Fail" when everything is OK

  • Make sure you have run the Odin programme after selecting "Run As Administrator"
  • Check if you are using the latest version of Odin

Final Word

Odin is a successful rooting solution of a number of late and latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones. But you must be careful to flash correct CF-Auto-Root file on your device to avoid device bricking.
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