How To Root Android - Let's Root Huawei EMUI 9 Using Magisk

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Huawei is one of the leading smartphone brands comes from China. Most of smartphones lovers tend to buy Huawei smartphone as it offers flagship features for a reasonable price. Also, the appearance of Huawei smartphones closer to iPhone inspires the user to buy it. However, the density of Huawei has been changed unexpectedly due to the decision made by Google to stop Google updates to Huawei smartphones. As a result of this, Huawei has decided to develop their own operating system and most probably current Huawei EMUI android based operating system will be replaced to a new operating system in near future if Google continues the restriction furthermore.

How Root Android 

Answer for this question depends on the Android smartphone you are using and the Android version you are working on. When it comes to Huawei, if you are using EMUI 9+ device Magisk is one of the most successful rooting solutions. As Huawei devices are using different partitioning method it is hard to find out a successful rooting solution as all the rooting method using a common partition method. This principle does not apply for the one-click rooting tools since one-click rooting tools are using Android vulnerabilities to acess the root directory of your Android smartphones.

What Is Magisk

Magisk is a successful rooting solution which roots your device by flashing root binaries in a custom recovery. Perhaps you might have heard about Magisk before if you are keen on Android rooting. It differs from other rooting solutions as it modifies the boot partition of an Android device instead of modifying the system partition of the device. As a result of this, Android users can safely bypass the security tests that are implemented by Google to prevent using banking and financial on rooted Android devices. So, when all the facts are considered, it seems that Magisk is one of the most suitable rooting solutions for Huawei. On the other hand, if Google continues software update restrictions, Huawei users have to flash a custom ROM to receive software updates in which rooting is essential.

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How To Use Magisk

Officially, Magisk consists of two components as Magisk Zip file and Magisk Manager. First, you need to flash TWRP custom recovery on your Huawei device and next, you need to flash the Magisk Zip file in Custom recovery to gain the root acess and finally, you have to install Magisk manager to manage your rooted Android smartphones. This is the general Magisk rooting process and sees down below to check the step guide.

  • 1 Step -  As you need an unlocked bootloader to make your rooting successful, Make sure to unlock your device bootloader after getting a complete back up of your device
  • 2 Step - Download and Install TWRP custom recovery on your Android smartphone
  • 3 Step - Download Magisk Zip file from XDA developers
  • 4 Step - Boot your device into recovery mode and tap on the "Install" button to select Magisk Zip file
  • 5 Step - Select Magisk Zip file and flash it on your device sliding the slider
  • 6 Step - After flashing is completed, tap on "Reboot Now" to boot your device in to normal
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Magisk Root On Huawei

Although the general process can be applied on Any Android device that can flash a custom recovery, you need to pay special attention towards Huawei. See down below to check  what are those thing that needs special attention
  • Huawei smartphones come with Kirin processor and it does not have boot partition in which Magisk has been designed to be installed

  • Huawei does not release official factory images officially but you can download some of them from the Huawei Firmware Database and extract them using the UPDATE.APP which contains in the same folder using Huawei Update Extractor which is only compatible with Windows

  • Magiks is installed in ramdisk partition in EMUI 8 as there is no boot partition in EMUI 8

  • If you are running on Huawei EMUI 8 and it is compatible with a custom recovery, you can use the general Magisk installation process. You can patch the RAMDISK.img which can be found on your firmware file using Magisk Manager and root your device using Magisk if you do not want to use custom recovery method or if your device cannot flash a custom recovery on your device.  You have to use the fastboot command: fastboot flash ramdisk /path/to/magisk_patched.img to flash the patched RAMDISK.img 

  • EMUI 9 or 9+ users do not have RAMDISK partition in their Android devices and Magisk is installed in the recovery_ramdisk partition. So, Magis is installed in the recovery_ramdisk  partition and they can root their device using general recovery method. If the recovery method is not compatible with their devices, they have extracted the  recovery_ramdisk partition and patch it as same as in EMUI 8.You have to use the fastboot command: flash recovery_ramdisk /path/to/magisk_patched.img

  • Make sure to flash patched ramdisk images not the boot images

Final Word

Do not flash Magisk on you Huawei device if you do not have an understanding about system partitions. Flashing the wrong partition may brick your device.
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