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Most of the people are really intersted in smartphones and always checking the latest smartphones news. Actually, the world of smartphones is full of various interesting things such as new OSs, latest apps and latest smartphones models and many more things. Majority of smartphones lovers tend to use Android smartphones since it is comparatively easy to use and available on affordable price. As of now, Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world and it is being revamped day by day to attract more and more users  while giving the chance to existing users to upgrade their devices to new Android innovations

What Are The Defects Of Android Mobile Operating System

In my opinion as an Android smartphones user, software restrictions are the drawbacks of Android. As you know, Android is officially recognized as an open-source platform and it must offer us all the features that an open-source platform is obliged to provide. Basically, an open-source platform allows its users to study and modify the source code and distribute it as a new product based on any purpose. But, none of Android users gets the open-source features from  Android as it has technically been locked using software restrictions. Not only device manufacturers but also network carriers associate with this in some cases such as disabling hotspot tethering. 

On the other hand, Google install some system apps by default and eat some of the devices internal memory and device manufacturers eat some more with their system apps. Actually, we are not able to consume the full internal space of the device though we have paid fully for it. Android is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel along with some other ope-source software and technically we can replace the current Android OS with a modified version of Android. But, most of the Android devices come with a locked bootloader which prevents you from installing modified partitions and modified OSs on your device. When all the things are considered, it seems that Android only pretended to be an Open-Source leaving original open-source features behind

How To Convert Your Android In To True Open-Source Platform 

The one and the only way to make your Android true open-source platform is rooting. Android rooting allows you to remove the software barriers on your device and make it worth what you paid for. But you need to know that you do not have official permission to do so and there is no official support if something goes wrong. Technically, rooting allows you to acess the device system files neutralizing the software restrictions and make the relavant changes to get the output you intend. The process of rooting varies device to device. But, basically, a rooting process includes one or more android exploits. Android users can flash a custom recovery image the can pass the digital signature check of firmware updates using these exploits. Then, you can install a modified firmware update along with Su binary+ superuser or Supersu to run the apps as root.


Rooting Techniques

One-Click Rooting Apps 

One-click rooting apps has been designed to root your device without going through a heavy rooting process. Most of one click root free and rarely charge for the app.One click rooting apps are available in both APK and PC version but the same mechanism is implemented. Basically, all the one click rooting tools are based on Android exploits and access the root directory and place the Su binary long with a third-party supervisor application to regulate the and request the root permission from the other applications.

Flashing Method 

In this method, you need to flash a custom recovery image that can skip the digital signature check of firmware updates first on your device. You have to use ADB and fastboot commands to install the appropriate custom recovery image on your device through a PC. Then, you can flash Su binary or Supersu in the custom recovery image and grant root acess when needed. In the case of using the flashing method, most of the times, Andoird partitions are modified or modified partion s are installed temporarily.

Whatever the techniques it does not matter if you have the proper knowledge to proceed. Most of the times one-click rooting tools only require you to enable the USB debugging mode as it does not alter the device partitions. But flashing method requires you to unlock the bootloader before rooting the device as it modifies the current partitions or install modified partitions images while rooting the device. So, make sure to check out the exact requirements of each rooting solution before the procedure. The worst thing, you may meet as the result of rooting is a soft or hard bricked device. So rooting is at your own risk and it may become even riskier when moving without proper knowledge.

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If you feel you need to root your device, visit XDA developers and collect all the information that you need and get prepared yourself after getting a complete back up of your device. The simplicity or the complexness of the rooting process depends on your rooting knowledge and rooting capability of your device. So, the more you learn, the more you succeed.
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