How To Root Android And Check It Securely

I hope all you already know what is Android rooting and its purposes. So, I am not going to explain it deeply here. But, you will be able to find a brief description about Android rooting below in case you are a fresher to rooting subject. Here, we are going to discuss an app which helps you to determine if you exactly have the root access and what is your root set up. It is necessary to get know the status of your Superuser privilages as misconception may lead you to make the wrong decisions. As an example, if you try to install a root app thinking you have root access when you do not have proper root access, your full attempt becomes useless and finally, you only get disappointment. So, Safety first is better than regretting.

How To Root Android And Why

As mentioned above, here I am going to give you a brief explanation on Android rooting and its benefits. Generally, Android rooting means making current Android user the device administrator of the relavant Android device. Officially, the device manufacturer holds this title and that is why some Android functions are prohibited to the physical owner. As you know, a system administrator is someone who has great power to deal with the certain system in the deepest level. That is why the owner of rooted Android is literally and technically called Superuser. After getting root access, you can access the access-denied Android system files and make the changes as you want. Basically, you can install root apps which requires permission to be launched as a part of your Android system. Root apps play a really essential role on a rooted Android device and allow even non-experts to customize their Androids very easily.

Why Checking Root Access Is Important

After rooting your Android, you need to verify if the rooting solution has successfully installed the Su binary and the SuperUser.apk which are main components of rooting. Also, in case, you have unrooted your device, you need to verify if your unrooting solution has successfully uninstalled the  Su binary and the SuperUser.apk. Both functions are really essential as both functions affect the decisions you make after rooting or unrooting.

Root Validator

Root Validator works as root checker but provides a complete answer than "Yes", "No" for "Do I Have Root Access" question. It gives you a complete report of your root access status and shows the path to relevant root elements such as Su binary, Superuser.APK and Busy box. The app is available in the Google Play store and it would be a useful app especially if you are trying to buy a second-hand device. Android geeks buy second-hand Android devices for various experiments and it is essential to verify the root status before buying them.

Final Word

I hope Root validator would be a helpful application for your Andriod rooting journey. As smart smartphone users, all the Android users are keen on rooting and hope this information would helpful in various aspects.

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  1. I use the KingRoot apk on my device for rooting android device with just a simple click...


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