How To Root Android & Boost Battey Life Of Your Android

how to root Android

All the Android users would have been really interested if they didn't have to charge their devices frequently in a day. Actually, all the smartphones users hate charging their devices always. But unfortunately, Android device users suffer from this condition as most of Android smartphones are weak in preserving battery life due to background app running. It means, though you are not using the apps, those apps are active and leech devices' battery life gradually all day. As a solution for the matter, Here we are going to discuss how to root your Android and preserve battery life.

How To Root Android

You cannot step to preserve your battery life without rooting it. Because the official control of your device belongs to the device manufacturer and you cannot control the device without becoming the true controller of the device. Rooting process allows you to get all the administrative privilages and hand over the default control of the device to yourself leaving the device manufacturer. Then, you can deal your device within deep and change it as you want. Currently, Magisk works as the genuine rooting solution for a number of Android devices and you can also try One-click rooting apps though they are not much reliable. Actually, it is hard to discuss rooting in common as methods vary according to the device model. But, for sure, you can try CF-Auto-Root via Odin if you are a Samsung Galaxy device user. Because Odin is the official flashing solution for Samsung Galaxy devices.

android root

Boost Battey Life Of Your Android

After getting root access, you can boost the battery life of your Android using root apps and custom kernels. 

  • Root Apps - Currently, Greenify has won a reputation as an effective app to preserve battery life through hibernating background apps. The app cannot preserve a remarkable percentage of battery life. But it can save battery life that uses by background apps and provides more life to the device

  • Custom kernels - Technically, kernel is the programme which connects relavant application to relavant hardware part. Also, it responsible to provide a constant stream of battery power to the device either it is working or not. Custom kerenls allows you to adjust the kernel settings as you want and help you to use the battery for longer than usual. You need to download relavant custom kernel on your device and flash it first. Then, you can change kernel settings using a kernel manager.

Final Word

Custom kerenls are a bit complicated than using a root app to boost battery power. Because, if you change the kernel settings without knowledge, your device may not be able to tolerate and the configurations may damage the device. So, make sure to be informed well if you have an idea to use a custom kernel to enhance the battery power.

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