How To Root Android Using Recovery Method

how to root android

Android rooting is the one and the only method to make your stubborn Android more flexible than it is. Technically, there are two methods to root an Android device and custom recovery method of them is considered as successful than exploiting Android vulnerabilities (One-Click Root) method. Let's get to know how to root Android using custom recovery method in a simple manner. Comparatively, the recovery method is a bit harder method than the one-click method as users have to complete the rooting process following a number of steps.

What Is A Custom Recovery

Generally, all the Android smartphones come with stock recovery and it works as a diagnostic tool for Android with limited capabilities. You can boot your device into recovery mode using a specific OEM button combination. The custom recovery goes beyond the stock recovery and offers a number of useful options and creates an advanced recovery environment on stock Android. Currently, TWRP is the most popular custom recovery and you can flash the Magisk Zip file in TWRP recovery and gain root access.

Rooting In Stock Recovery

If you are a Samsung Galaxy user, you can root your device using the same custom recovery method but without flashing a custom recovery with CF-Auto-Root. CF-Auto-Root is also coming as a flashable root file as same as Magisk but can be flashed using Odin in stock recovery as it is compatible with Samsung stock recovery. You can get it from here

android rooting

How To Install Custom Recovery And Root With Magisk

  • Download the 15 second ADB installer and install the ADB and Fastboot drivers on your PC
  • Download relavant TWRP custom recovery image for your device on your PC
  • Enable USB Debugging mode on your Android device
  • Open TWRP image saved folder  and open a command Window using  Shift + Right-click > Open command window here
  • Next, type adb reboot bootloader in command Window and tap "OK" for “Allow USB debugging” on your smartphone screen if appears
  • Once, your device is rebooted to bootloader type fastboot flash recovery with the name of the recovery image
  • Finally, type fastboot reboot to reboot your device

Now, you have flashed a new custom recovery image and you can boot the device to new customr recovery using the same OEM buttons. First, download the Magisk root file and then, boot your device into recovery mode. Then, tap on the "Install" option and select the Magisk file and swipe to flash it.

Final Word 

Before flashing the custom recovery, backup you stock recovery using adb reboot bootloader > fastboot boot [path to TWRP you downloaded] > Select “Backup” > Select  “boot” and “recovery to save them on SD card. Make sure to have the backup as you cannot receive the OTA updates without stock kernel and the recovery. 
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  1. With the KingRoot latest apk, an Android device is extremely easy to root.However, your method is not difficult...


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