How To Root Android -How To Select Best Rooting Method For Your Device

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The moment you get the question How To Root Android, surely your next question becomes What is the best rooting method. Here, you will be able to learn some tips to select the best rooting tool for your device. Generally, Android version and the device brand become the first technical requirements that need to be determined before selecting compatible rooting method. But, Android version and the device brand are not enough to select android root software for your Android device. Let's get to know what else you need to know to select the best android root software for your device.

How To Root Android 

Technically, there are two ways to root an Android device. You can either use One click root Android tool or recovery method to root your Android. One Click rooting method uses Android vulnerability to executer Su binary file to get the administrative privilages of the device and recovery method flashes the relavant root Zip file to get root access. But the problem is how to select the ideal method. It depends on various parameters and let's get to know one by one. 

Android Version

Each device is different and uses a different version of Android. So, the rooting method also differs from the Android version to version. Especially, the latest Android version has been improved to run under the highest level of security measures and hard to find out Android vulnerabilities in the kernel to exploit. So, one click rooting method is unsuccessful on the latest Android versions and suitable to root older Android version

Device Brand & Model

Some of the rooting tools such as CF-Auto-Root primarily based on device brand and the model. So, you need to find out the exact model of your device and finalize the ideal rooting method

root android

Bootloader Staus

Technically, root android APKs don't require users to unlock the bootloader of their device as root android APKs have been designed to acess the root files without doing any firmware modifications. But, rooting methods such as Magisk(Recovery Method) first update the firmware to execute the Su binary file. Perhaps, you may already know that the bootloader is the key component that prevents you from running unofficial firmware images. So, you need to check the bootloader status of your device to select an ideal rooting method for your device

Final Word

Besides these system and software requirements, you have to analyse your purpose of rooting. If you need to root your device just to use root apps or remove bloatware, you can simply use compatible root Android APK. But, if your intentions are beyond the key rooting purposes, advanced rooting method is essentially needed.
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