How To Root Android & What Can You Do With A Rooted Phone

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All the people love smartphones and most smartphone users use Android due to reasonable price and simplicity. Android users divide in to two categories based on their intentions as regular Android users and Advanced Android users. Regular users don't expect much more than the device's manufacturer provides and Advanced users need to get much more from the stock device. That is why How To Root Android question arises in users minds. Technically, rooting allows users to get superuser permission which is denied by the manufacturer by default removing relavant binary file that grants it.

How To Root Android

  • One-Click Root Method - All the one-click root APKs such as Framaroot, KingoRoot, RootMaster belong to this method and owners can easily root Android smartphones using them. But, this method has some limitations and hard to recommend as ideal rooting method though beign used

  • Recovery Method - This type of rooting methods are rarely released and currenlty, there are only Magisk., SuperSU and CF-Auto-Root. Among them, Magisk is the most popular method and CF-Auto-Root is ideal to root Samsung Galaxy devices via Odin. Recovery method is not suitable who is not familiar with Android related tasks as it requires a bit of technical knowledge to configure the device first.

how to root Android

What Can You Do With A Rooted Phone

After getting root access, An  Android smartphone user may come across this condition if he rooted the device without any specific intention. A rooted device has limitless capabilities and the device owner can change or remove the stock firmware completely. However, it's not advisable touching the hardware parts as rooting is specific for the device's software. Primarily, you become the actual owner of the device and can be done anything against the manufactures software restictions. Simply, you can remove the system apps, modify the theme and install root apps after getting root access. In addition to these primary intentions, you can uninstall the entire stock firmware and replace it with higher or lower stock firmware or customized firmware by a third-party

Final Word

Before rooting your Android, make sure to get a complete back up your device and unlock the device bootloader. Some smartphone models from some brands are really hard to root and need expert knowledge to do it. So, make sure to do complete research and be informed about the compatibility of your device as the whole process may end up by leaving a bricked device instead of a rooted device
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