How To Root Android With Magisk Systemless Root

root Android

Magisk is the most popular and successful rooting solution which allows users to gain root access reliably. Sometimes ago, users were used to use one-click rooting tools to root Andoird smartphones but usage was abandoned with the introducing of Google Safety net attestation API. Safetynet process is followed by Android app developers to prevent apps from running on a modified Android operating system. Since the regular rooting process always tampers the default Andoird system root-users became uncomfortable due to the incompatibility of some apps. That is why Magisk is essential in this case.

How To Root Android With Magisk

Magisk framework consists of two key components as Magisk Framework and Magisk Manager. Magisk framework needs to be installed on your device by flashing the Magisk Zip file. Basically, the framework applies the relevant modification on the Android system and Magisk Manager enhances the capabilities of the framework adding the modules. Initially, you need to install a custom recovery image on your device to accept the Magisk framework since the stock recovery image does not update the stock firmware unless the updates are official. You can start the rooting process once you 've installed a relevant custom recovery on your device. Generally, you do not need to unlock the bootloader of the device to install custom recovery. But, Magisk needs an unlocked bootloader to be installed successfully.

root Android

Why Magisk Root

Currently, there is no genuine rooting solution that can beat Magisk. Previously, Magisk and SuperSu were competitive but the situation was changed with the abandon of the SuperSU by the Chainfire. Even SuperSu still can be used, but no developer support and also it cannot bypass Google Safetynet. On the other hand, the Xposed installer one of the key reasons to use Magisk and users prefer to use Xposed along with Magiks instead of using the Xposed alone. Actually, root access is also a mod to the Magisk and it is installed at the moment you flash the Magisk Zip file. As you know, most of the rooting solution only install the manager app after rooting the device but you can have root access even after installing the Magisk Manager

Final Word

How To Root Android is vast and also a complicated subject and it's hard to provide a complete answer for the question within limited space. However, I think, you may have had enough knowledge after reading this.

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